Wednesday, October 1, 2008

shhh !!!the h word

zeke has been on the homevent {the acheiva} for about 3 weeks, if he has a good one more week they will talk about the h word.. we do not want to say it or it may jinks him. so say a little prayer its been a long and expensive haul, back and forth to little rock. God has taught me many things through this though, mostly that there is a reason for everything.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

school monday

ok so i am soooo excited , school starts monday. i have not blogged most of the summer because we had a family crisis i cannot share about and have been very depressed, when i get down like this i cannot write. I am feeling a little better and learning a lot about myself even though our crisis is not over yet. As far as zeke, things are pretty good he is still in the hospital they are getting the vent i told them about. In fact the unit is pretty excited about it. It claims that babys as little as 6 lbs can use it. The home vent they have tried him on says 12 1bs. He is 16 1bs but his lungs are like a infant. It has had to go through all the hospital committees and they all have to train on it so it most likely be another month. He will be the first baby at our hospital to try it. They also have asked me to be on a advisory board for a group about children using high technology. I had the discharge planner come to me and tell me what special little boy he is and that there is reason he is there at the hospital, it helped me to hear that, i get so down that he cannot come home. Estie is going to school full time this year, ha ha on the docs who said she was not compatable with life.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

summer burnout already?

were not even halfway done with summer and some of our workers are already burning out. I have a hard time understanding why, when every morning they sit eating their breakfast , socializing with each other and getting paid, while willie and me are eating on the run getting all the nonwaiver kids ready for the morning.....there is something wrong with that picture. I am tired of talking to them about it I guess they need to get a factory job then they will see what work is. On the bright side they think they found the reason zeke is not making it on the home vent. He needs a longer trach, so one is being ordered. Hopefully this will work, and we will be closer to him comming home. the boys went on their mission trip and had a good time. We all enjoyed the quiet of them gone. We all had fun at our churches {the journeys} 4th of july , they had a petting zoo and diamond and the poney kissed. Levi and his friend had their survival trip for 3 days, went into the woods with nothing but a tarp and some water, ate turtle and bugs i think, yuK, They lasted until it down poured on them i was very glad when he came home. Its hard to have a 18 year old who still has another year of high school left living at home. They want their independence and we still want rules.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

summers here ,update

summer is here the kids are out of school, and we are all having a rough time getting use to each other home everyday. Zeke is still in the hospital on the hospital vent, although rumor has it they are going to try him on the home vent next week, the gas price is killing us, for i try to go see him at least 3 times a week, its physically and emotionally draining. 3 of the 4 bubbas, which fo those of you who do not know what a bubba is , in our house its 4 fourteen year old boys. anyways 3 of them leave on a mission trip to the appalachia mountains, we are excited for them and it will be nice to have a break from them, those of you who have lived with teenage boys should delight with us.